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Water Softener

Water Softener

We work on all brands of water softeners including:

Common Issues With Water Softeners

  1. Not enough salt – Water softeners depend on salt for how they work. Depending on how soft you want the water will be dependent on how much salt the water softener will take. Regardless, you will always need to replenish the water softener with salt tablets.
  2. Not working anymore – Sometimes the computer of the water softener will need to be reset, or sometimes it will quit working altogether. If this is the case it is best to have a licensed plumber diagnose the problem
  3. Leaking – Like all things, water softeners will eventually wear out and leak. Sometimes we will be able to repair the water softener, but other times we will have to replace the unit.

The Difference Between A Water Softener And A Water Filter System

A water softener is intended to soften the water. Basically what that means is that you will not get mineral build up on your faucets and in your dishwasher. This can be a major benefit for obvious reasons. Your faucets will look newer longer, you wont have spots on your dishes and glasses and it will help to soften the water. Some people like the feeling of soft water on their skin.

One downside to having a water softener is that it will ruin a water heater. Salt corrodes metal. Just like when you go to the ocean and you see all of the metal signs rusted from the salt in the air. Water heaters are made of metal. So if you do have a water softener, it is very important that you flush the water heater yearly and change the anode rod every other year.

A water filter system on the other hand actually cleans the water, whereas a water softener system just softens the water. So what does this mean? It means that you can drink your tap water. With a water softener you still have dirty water, it is just softened. Considering San Diego has some of the worst water in the country, it may be worth the investment.

We offer water filter systems that can also remove the minerals from the water so you don’t get the build up on faucets. Talk to one of our licensed plumbers if you are interested.

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