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Save Water In San Diego: A Few Tips From A Plumber In San Diego

Save Water San Diego

Being a local Emergency Plumber In San Diego, we get asked often by our customers how to save water. Living in Southern California, where the population is ever increasing, learning how to save water will become common practice. We can no longer think of water as an ever lasting commodity, but a precious resource that we must constantly conserve. Even with the rains we had a few weeks ago, we are still considered to be in a major drougb. According to several major weather forecasting services, we would need approximately 12 trillion more gallons of water just to be at dry conditions again. Since there is only so much water to go around, we should all do our fair share to help save it. Imagine if everybody did just 1 item of the items listed below, how better off we would all be. Remember, we don’t just need water in our homes to bathe in, but the state also needs billions of gallons of water for all of the fruits and vegetables that are grown in the central valley.

3 Tips To Save Water:

  1. Switch from 1.6 gpf toilets to 1.28 gpf toilets
  2. Switch from 2.5 gpm shower heads to 1.5 fpm or 1.0 gpm shower heads
  3. Make sure your water pressure is under 80 lbs


If you have an older home, say prior to the early 90’s, you may still have an old 3.5 gpf toilet. You can check to see in the toilet tank, it should be stamped on there how many gallons per flush there is. In the early nineties it was mandated that 3.5 gpf be replaced with 1.6 gpf. Now 1.6 gpf are being phased out for 1.28 gpf.

As with anything, proto types and first models, have some design and performance flaws, however as the years go by, technology and engineering will grow. Today’s 1.28 gpf flush toilets can flush just as powerful as the old style 3.5 gpf. Some San Diego area water departments will give rebates for replacing your old toilet with a new low flow. Our plumbers are noticing more and more customers opting for the 1.28 gpf


You can buy 1.5 gpm shower heads to replace the common 2.5 fpm shower head at Home Depot. We recommend these shower heads from Delta. You may ask your local San Diego Water Department if they have any low flow shower heads that they are giving out. Often times they will give you a free one or two. When you are replacing your shower head, most of the time you can unscrew the old one by hand. If this doesn’t work trying using some channel locks. If it doesn’t budge, then don’t force it. You can break the pipe in the wall. At this point it is best to call a San Diego Plumbing Repair Company.

Water Pressure:

The water districts will keep the water pressure high because they have to pump it to all the neighborhoods. The plumbing code says the water pressure cannot be over 80 lbs. We recommend it to be around 55 lbs – 65 lbs. You can check your water pressure by screwing a water pressure gauge hand tight onto an outside faucet. Most water pressure regulators have a maximum limit set at 75 lbs, if your gauge reads over this, then your regulator needs to be repaired or replaced. It is usually more cost effective to replace the unit. Increased water pressure uses more water, figure for every 10 psi increase in water, there is a 5%-10% increase in water usage. Unless you have a double union regulator, which can easily be replaced by unscrewing both nuts, you will probably be researching San Diego Plumbing Companies on the internet to see who can replace a Water Pressure Regulator.

To sum up: Saving water can cost you a little bit of an investment in your hard earned money now, but you will reap the benefits down the road. Water will only become more expensive and scarce as our population continues to grow. If you take the small steps now, it will pay off in the future for your wallet and the state.

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