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How To Pick A San Diego Plumbing Company: BIG Or Small Company?

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How to decide on picking a big or small plumbing company:

The decision of who to hire to deal with a plumbing problem can be difficult. Do you go with the guys with the catchy TV commercials that offer 24 Hour Plumbing, San Diego is full of these companies. Do you pick the shiny trucks, or a small locally owned operation that employs local folks and supports your community? Do you respond to a catchy radio jingle, or call a local company that advertises in the high school football program??

There are some things that you must insist on in either case.

A licensed pro has years of experience and probably started as an apprentice. Although a leak is a leak, there are many types of plumbing systems out there so someone at journeyman level has had experience with many of them. There is great demand for licensed professional plumbers so be sure your choice of plumber has good credentials. An amateur, though good intentioned, can create more harm than good if trying to work on something he is not familiar with.

A San Diego Plumber

Companies that have been in business for a while generally have up to date equipment that makes plumbing repairs easier. This is far better than someone trying to make do with less than pro level tools. The fix is usually faster, and more likely to be repaired properly the first time.

Be sure the company is licensed and bonded for the work you are considering. In the state of California the minimum bond required is a $12,500 surety bond. As with all construction related work, there are lots of horror stories out there about projects started and not finished properly, ridiculous delays, and cost over runs. Doing your homework now could save you money and headaches later. An internet search is a great tool to start with. Many sites now list comments from actual customers, not necessarily just testimonials. Yelp, Google and Reviewbuzz is a great place to start.

24 Hour Plumbing In San Diego is a Must:

24 hour availability is important as plumbing issues have no schedule. You need to make sure your pro is available when you need him.
If all things are pretty equal, either a small locally owned operation or a large national chain can handle most plumbing issues satisfactorily. If something goes way wrong, sometimes the larger company will have deeper pockets and can be more willing and able to do what it takes to solve the issue right away. In the case of a dispute, a locally owned outfit may choose to walk away rather than a large national chain with a reputation to protect.

San Diego Plumbing Companies Should Have Experience:

However, a home grown plumber with years of experience and the proper credentials may take more time and be more careful with your project than a national backed “cookie cutter” type employee will. After all, your local guys live in your town. You see them at lodge meetings and at the market. Their future is more dependent on their reputation and professionalism than someone from out of the area just collecting a paycheck trying to get promoted to the next level in his organization.

There are pros and cons on both halves of this one. Sometimes you have to choose between the guy in the white uniform with the brand new truck and the local guy with a working man’s uniform, an older truck, who also coaches the local kid’s soccer team.
Make sure who you choose has the proper licenses, experience, and expertise with your particular problem. Do your homework faithfully, and make a value judgment based on estimates and your instincts.

Just be sure you get it fixed before it gets more costly than it has to.

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