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How To Maintain Your Garbage Disposal: San Diego Plumber Shares Secrets

Escondido Plumbing Garbage Disposal

We all love the ease and amazing power of our garbage disposals, it makes cleaning up easy as pie. However, when the garbage disposal goes wrong then we are in trouble, it is a dangerous mechanism that is a pain to fix. Luckily our local expert Escondido Plumbing experts at Colepepper Plumbing, who specialize in garbage disposal repair. San Diego plumbers at Colepepper have prepared a list of some of the best tricks to keep your garbage disposal smelling clean and fresh and grinding as if it is new. For all of your garbage disposal needs our San Diego Plumbers from Colepepper are your go to company and as a company we like to make sure our customers are happy. So here are some great tips and tricks to keep that garbage disposal in tip top shape and able to handle any load you fire its way.

First off to keep your garbage disposals sharp and able to handle large items grind up a full tray of ice. Ice will sharpen the blades as it goes through and is similar to a knife sharpener that you can buy for your garbage disposal. We suggest you do this every couple of months, or if you notice the blades getting a little dull.

Some foods are not good for garbage disposals, they tend to jam them or cause issues later on its life. Try to avoid putting through corn husks, artichokes or any other fibrous material that you can think of. As well, avoid bleach and drain cleaners as these will affect the blades and cause them to rust and take off the finish that is meant to protect them. Added to this do not be stupid and put down metal or glass as this will damage the blades.

Once a month for cleaning of the disposal, pour half a cup of baking soda down the sink, and then follow that with a full cup of white vinegar. Yes, you are making a mini volcano, and when it stops foaming rinse out with hot water. This is going to get the best clean for your garbage disposal.

For everyday things to remember; do not use hot water while the disposal is in operation. Hot water will melt the grease and fat and then by the time it hits the disposal will congeal and cause issues with the movement of the blades. As well, to help with the smells try grinding up some lemon peels or orange peels and you will be left with a nice aroma.

Garbage disposals are not a thing that you use every day and ignore. With our tips and tricks for maintenance you will have no issues with your garbage disposal. However, if you do, feel free to contact us. We are always in Escondido and all over San Diego County. Plumbing is not a thing to talk lightly.  We offer 24 hour emergency plumbing as well as your normal day calls. We specialize in garbage disposals and water line work. We hope that these tips will save you some head ache and remember call the Escondido Plumbing Experts at Colepepper Plumbing. We serve all of San Diego. You can trust us if anything needs to be done to your plumbing by a trusted professional.

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