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CA Is Still In A Drought: Some Tips From A San Diego Plumber To Save Water

El Cajon Plumbing Save Water

How to lower your water bill

If you live in El Cajon Plumbing drips can cost you a lot of money if you let if you don’t fix it. As monthly budgets get tighter for many of us due to economic factors out of our control, keeping a tight hand on controllable expenses such as utilities becomes very important. Getting control of your high water bill will help in this effort. If you live in El Cajon, plumbing companies will be easy to find – they can help you with this problem. Small changes can reduce water usage and hence your water bill monthly.

Finding and repairing any small water leaks in your San Diego Plumbing system is a good start. A water flow test will help isolate problem areas. Simply shut off the water valves to your sinks, toilets, and appliances such as clothes washer and dishwasher. Observe the meter on top of your main valve and if it is showing flow into your house, you may have a plumbing leak. You can also check the individual areas of concern by isolating them during the test. Water leaks in homes can be as much as 14% of your overall usage.

Toilets can use up to 28% of your total water consumption. Many develop slow leaks over the years or keep running well beyond what they should due to float issues. Remember—“hey, jiggle the handle!!!” Newer designs of low flow toilets can save up to 70% over the older designed units. This one item can save you thousands of gallons per year and some serious money.

Energy Star clothes washers are designed to use less water then the older ones. New front loader washers use considerably less water and are easier on your clothes. Appliance companies are working on new designs that will allow use of water drainage from your washer for lawn irrigation, or even toilets. That could be a considerable saving, using the water twice.

Many new faucets will accept a flow restrictor which will lower water volume to your sink without a noticeable drop in pressure. Also, little things like turning the water off when you brush your teeth will pay large dividends in water usage.

Outside irrigation systems should also be leak tested. Many are pvc pipe and that does get brittle with age. Small leaks are hard to see, but can add up to hundreds of gallons of water wasted. Make sure your sprinklers are aimed properly and not watering your sidewalk or your neighbor’s wall. To have to hand water areas missed by poorly maintained sprinkler systems is a real water waster. Irrigation timers work great for consistent water management. You can adjust these for the time of the year depending on where you live. In arid areas, watering for short periods at night cuts down on evaporation, and drip lines apply water exactly where you want it. Some water companies offer smaller connections off of your water meter which will also save on water use while not changing your water pressure.

Keeping your water bill managed will not only save you money, but it also helps to conserve water in drought ravaged parts of our country. Making sure you have no leaks will not only save you money on your water bill but could save you a huge repair bill should they go undetected. Check with your local water department to see if they are giving out free low flow water heads.

By making small changes and doing some preventative maintenance, you can lower your water bill. Go ahead and speak with an El Cajon plumber today.

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