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Hot Water Heaters: How To Get Longer Life In San Diego

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When you purchase that first water heater, many  just forget about it. However, it all goes wrong when you are trying to take that nice long hot shower and all you are getting is cold water. This means a fix or a replacement which can cost you. We install a lot of hot water heaters in San Diego. Plumbing here tends to be older and we do not wish on any of our customers that is why we have organized some great tricks and hints to get the most out of your hot water heater. Colepepper Plumbing is your go to emergency plumbers that can deal with any failure of a hot water heater but we would rather get a few extra years out of the heater! So here are three helpful hints to get a few extra years out of your hot water heater.


This is a one step process that will prove to be invaluable in keeping your San Diego hot water heater working for a number of months if not years. All that is required is to blanket the hot water heater with insulation. This insulation will improve the heater’s efficiency by roughly forty percent and will make the unit work less thus, making it last longer.

Flush the tank:

Most manufactures, if not all manufactures suggest that you flush your entire water heater tank at least once a year. This will allow the removal of any sediment that has collected at the bottom of the tank that clogs the system. This change will increase the efficiency of your tank, thus expanding its life and any worry you had. However, remember to read the owner’s manual for the correct procedure when flushing the water heater as you will not want void any warranties.

Inspect the tank anode:

The tank anode rode is a suspended rod that helps to fight the battle against corrosion inside the tank. Without a good working rod, the hot water will rabidly corrode the interior of the tank which will cause a failure of the tank. No one wants you to spring a leak and have to replace the full tank. When you flush the tank, check the anode rod; if it is corroded replace it. Believe us; it is much cheaper to replace a faulty and corroded anode rod than to replace the entire tank.

Your San Diego hot water heater is an essential item in your house, it is as important as your stove, washer or fridge. If this one piece of hardware fails it is going to be a miserable morning, as absolutely no one enjoys taking a cold shower unless it is a blistering hot summer’s day. Our Carlsbad plumbers and San Diego plumbers are here for any issues with your hot water tank or any other needs but, we also want to get the most out of your equipment. If you follow these three simple tips for your hot water heater you will see years out of this tank. If anything does happen no matter when, give our Carlsbad plumbers a call and will be there in a jiffy to get you out of your cold situation. You should always have an emergency service that you could contact in case your hot water heater needs repaired.


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