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Do You Like Your Toilet? A San Diego Plumbers View On Why We Only Use Toto

ToTo Drake

There are many toilet companies out there to choose from:

  • American Standard
  • Kohler
  • Western
  • Glacier Bay
  • Gerber

Our San Diego Plumbers have installed many toilets over the years, from pink and brown ones, to one’s that flush themselves. One brand that we have had consistent success with for years now is ToTo. Continue to read on as we explain why we prefer ToTo:

American Standard and Kohler were the power houses of the toilet industry for the longest time, but have slowly lost marketshare to ToTo. There are many reasons behind this such as: Poor Advertising, Lack of keeping up with new design etc. But the main reason is quality control. Our small Plumbing Company In San Diego has received many complaints from homeowner’s about the lack of quality in their toilets. We quickly educate the homeowner that most of the toilets are made in Mexico and the quality from these companies are not what they used to be.

We have had many problems with Kohler’s new flushing mechanism which is called a Flush Valve in the plumbing world. There are thing flimsy seals that keep the water in the tank from going out into the bowl when you flush. Kohler decided a few years ago to get away from the traditional flapper and go to this new type of flush valve. The flush valve concept works great, as it allows a lot of water to go into the bowl very quickly, however the parts are only as good as the design, and this is where Kohler has failed. We often will go to a customer’s home that has only had their toilet installed for a few months, before the flimsy black seal will warp from the minerals in the water.

American Standard on the other hand, is just a poor toilet all the way around. From the closet bolts which attach the toilet bowl to the drain, to the tank to bowl bolts, the quality is extremely poor. When one of our Best Plumbers In San Diego installs one of these for a customer, they tell us it feels like they are putting together a toy set for a kid.

For the other companies listed above, its the same story just a different brand of toilet.

Many people have not heard of ToTo. Many people think that ToTo is a newer company, but in fact they have been around since 1912. A Japaneese engineer named Kazuchika Okura started the company after seeing how overseas wastewater was being disposed of in a highly efficient and clean matter. The Japanese being how they are, wanted to improve on these designs.

When we come out to your house we will give you many options on repairing vs replacing your old toilet, and then let you decide on what you want, and what you can afford. If you do decide to install a new toilet from us, it will probably be the ToTo Drake. The Drake is the most popular line that ToTo has. It is modern looking and comes with a soft closing toilet seat. This is good for the guys who can slam the seat after they are done peeing in it. We can get it in several different colors and it comes in ADA (tall) height.

If you are looking for Plumbers In San Diego CA that install ToTo’s unfortunately ToTo does not have a feature on their website that show’s a list of installers. However you can buy one yourself through Mission Valley Pipe and Supply, or just get one through us.

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