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Faucets: San Diego CA Plumber Explains A Quick Fix

Poway Plumbers Dripping Faucet

How to Avoid San Diego Dripping Faucets:

Dripping faucets are up there with the major annoyances to any person who does not want to hear the continued drip…. drip…. drip. Dripping faucets are very common in Poway due to high water pressure, and we have Poway Plumbers that are here to help. We are your local plumbers that are experts in the field of the leaky faucet. Instead of fixing the problem we are going to show some of the ways to prevent it. Normally leaky faucets are due to a leaky valve or seal and no one enjoys that annoying little drip. We are local guys, so rather than making you pay for a two minute job we are going to give some advice on how to prevent those leaky faucets and leave you with some peace of mind instead of a drip… drip… drip.

Look for any signs of corrosion.Since water is consistently moving through the pipe and the faucet itself, corrosion is always an issue. Look for discoloration around the tap, or around the seal. If this is discolored that is going to lead some issues down the road and you should be looking to replace the part. It is going to be cheaper to replace a simple piece of the sink rather than the whole thing.

Look for problem areas. The normal culprits that lead to a dripping tap are a few very cheap parts that need to be looked at and investigated. The first culprit is the O ring, if that is looking very corroded or warped, it is a super easy fix and a great preventative measure. The rubber gasket is your next culprit, take a look for warping or a busted gasket and you can replace those with relative ease. Next, look at the twine, if that is unraveling or looking a little rusty, go ahead and replace that as well. It is extremely cheap and will prevent those evil drips.

Last but not least look at the packing nut which holds together the entire head of the faucet. If all of these are ok, you will be looking at the valve system as your cause. When you are doing your preventative repairs remember to make sure that you have all the pieces accounted for and they go back in the correct order. Unlike some electronics, all of the materials are necessary in a faucet and a left out piece can cause more damage than good. These preventative measure can save you time and some serious money, as if you pay for water leaky faucets can cost you hundreds per year. Still having troubles? We work on all types of faucets, feel free to call us at anytime. In San Diego, dripping faucets have been linked to some of the most annoying sounds in the world, have you seen the commercial for migraines, what is always in them dripping facets. Your local Poway Plumbers have supplied you with some great advice on how to avoid the dripping faucet. If anything does go wrong in your house with your water lines or faucets do not hesitate to call. We are your local plumbers with knowledge and expertise to fix and prevent your problems and leave you with peace of mind for your plumbing needs.


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