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Best Plumbers In San Diego

Are you looking for the best plumber in San Diego? The State of California recommends following the following guidelines to find the right contractor.

The Best Plumber in San Diego

1. Is The Plumber Licensed In The State Of California?

All persons in the state of California performing a job for more than $500 in labor and materials must be licensed with the state. Without a state license your plumber will not be able to: pull permits, perform inspections and make sure your plumbing meets safe and healthy codes and is compliant with the law. There are a lot of San Diego Plumbing Contractor’s out there that are extremely inexpensive, but……are they licensed? The Best Plumbers in San Diego have at minimum of 4 years of Journeyman level experience to apply for a C-36 Plumbing license with the state. This is Journeyman level experience is after their apprenticeship experience.

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2. Does The Plumber Carry Liability Insurance?

Although the State Of California does not require plumbing contractor’s to hold general liability insurance, why would you hire a plumber who doesn’t carry insurance? If your home is damaged, or a person is hurt by the plumber, and that plumber does not carry liability insurance, than the homeowner is responsible for these damages. The Best Plumbers in San Diego carry a minimum of $1 million in liability insurance. Accidental damage by a plumber working on your home such as a fire from soldering, or a flood from a broken pipe, can quickly ruin your entire house. Fires started by plumbers have been known to travel to the neighbor’s house, and burned their house down. Don’t feel shy about asking your San Diego Plumbing Company for a copy of their general liability insurance.

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3. Is The Plumber Bonded?

The State Of California requires all plumbing contractor’s to carry a minimum $12,500 surety bond. This bond is mean to protect the homeowner. If a plumbing contractor does not complete the job, then this bond entitles the homeowner to cash and lost profit to complete the job. The Best San Diego Plumbers will carry a minimum $12,500 bond. The larger companies typically carry higher bond amounts. Feel free to ask your San Diego Emergency Plumber for a copy of their bond, if they have one, they should have no problem providing it to you.

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