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Smelly Plumbing

Plumbing Company In San DiegoIt’s unpleasant but true – plumbing can smell. At Colepepper Services, we are the best choice for fixing smelly plumbing in San Diego. While smelly sewer lines and drain lines are the most common issue, there are several other problems associated with smelly plumbing.

Smelly Plumbing in San Diego

There are several potential causes of smelly plumbing in San Diego. If you’re noticing that your water smells like rotten eggs, the most likely culprit is a failed anode rod in your water heater. When you hire us to service your water heater, we can make the smell go away.

If you have a garbage disposal and you’re noticing foul smells from your kitchen sink, trapped food and grease is the most likely cause. Simply putting a lemon in your disposal could solve the problem. For nasty smells from your bathroom sink, try putting ammonia or bleach (never both!) in the overflow hole at the top of the sink. You may also be able to eliminate drain odors by pouring a mixture of baking soda and vinegar down the drain.

Plumbing odors that originate from your toilet may occur as the result of the toilet not being properly caulked to the floor. Unpleasant plumbing smells in your basement could occur as the result of a lack of water in the trap in your floor drains. This problem can be fixed by simply pouring water in the drain.

Plumbing Odors

Plumbing odors are disgusting, but the good news is that, in many situations, the problem is relatively easy to fix. At Colepepper Services, we can address several issues related to smelly plumbing, including:

  • Water rotten egg smell
  • Bathroom sink smells
  • Kitchen sink smells
  • Toilet smells
  • Drain line smells
  • Plumbing smells
  • Water smells
  • Plumbing odors
  • Stinky plumbing

For help with smelly plumbing in San Diego and the surrounding areas, call 619-838-1322 now.

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