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Reverse Osmosis System

Reverse Osmosis System

We work on all brands of Reverse Osmosis Systems including:

Common Problems With A Reverse Osmosis System

  1. Low water pressure coming of tap – There can be multiple reasons for this, but it usually boils down to two things. The first is that the rubber bladder in the storage tank has ruptured, therefor there is no pressure to push the water out. The second is that where the water supply source is tapped in has either corroded or clogged with some debris
  2. Leaking system – We work in homes all over San Diego and have seen hundred of R.O. Systems. Most of the time we see that they are installed incorrectly. The lines on Revers Osmosis Systems are made of plastic as opposed to copper or braided stainless steel. For this reason, it is very important that the unit be installed correctly and professionally to avoid leakage
  3. Old filters – Many people don’t realize, or are not told by the plumber that the filters need to be changed out regularly. If it is used daily, then usually we recommend changing out the filters every 3 months or so.

reverse osmosis system

The Benefits Of An R.O. System

Reverse Osmosis Systems are on of the best way to get clean drinking water in your home. If you combine it with a whole house water filter system then you can have extremely good water throughout the house, plus the best quality of water at the kitchen tap.

Note to get the best quality out of your system, you must change the filters frequently. It is pretty simple to do yourself, it just requires shutting of the water to the unit, using the special wrench that comes with the system  and unscrewing the filters. Because this needs to be done so often, you could do it yourself, or you could call a professional plumber to get it done

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