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Outside Faucet Repair

Outside Faucet Repair In San Diego

dripping outside faucet in san diego

If you have an outside faucet that is leaking, you need help from a plumbing company in San Diego that you can trust. At Colepepper Plumbing, we offer comprehensive outside faucet repair and sprinkler repair.

If you’re noticing unexplained puddles on your lawn or an unusually high water bill, it’s likely that you may have a leaking outside faucet or a leak in your sprinkler system. Sometimes sprinkler line leaks can take weeks or even months to become apparent, but once you know there is a problem, it is important to seek prompt attention from a professional plumber.

Sprinkler Repair In San Diego

In most cases, sprinkler repair requires digging up the line. Fortunately, most sprinkler lines are buried no more than 18 inches below the surface. When you choose us, your technician will take steps to detect the leak as quickly as possible and do minimal damage to your lawn. Your plumber will also do an excellent job of putting the dirt of sod back to ensure that the ground looks like it was never disturbed.

Outside Faucet Repair

If you have an outside faucet that is leaking, repairing it may be an option, or you may need to have it replaced. If you do not have the money to have it properly repaired to replace, screwing on a cap is a good temporary solution.

Not all plumbing companies in San Diego specialize in outside faucet repair and sprinkler repair, but at Colepepper Plumbing, we do. We can solve the following issues related to outside faucet repair and replacement:

  • Outside faucet repair
  • Outside faucet drip repair
  • Sprinkler line repair
  • Garden hose faucet repair
  • Yard leaks
  • Leak on pipe in yard
  • Outside pipe leak
  • Outside pipe repair

For help with your outside plumbing, give us a call now at 619-838-1322.

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