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Leaks in Walls

Dealing with leaks in walls? You need help from a San Diego plumber you can trust. At Colepepper Services, we can help with any type of water leak in San Diego.

Leaks in Walls in San Diego

Wall Leaks San DiegoWhen you’re in need of a plumber to help with a water leak in San Diego, you need a plumber you can depend on. The San Diego area is home to countless plumbing companies, but they aren’t all created equally. Unfortunately, not all plumbers in San Diego are even licensed!

If you have a leak in your wall, you need a plumber who has the knowledge and experience to correctly fix the problem. Many plumbers will not perform a thorough job when soldering water lines. They might not solder the entire joint, or they might not wipe off excess flux, which could lead to pipe deterioration later on.

Water Leak in San Diego

Water leaks in San Diego are common due to the city’s poor water quality. Chloramine and hard water eat through pipes and frequently cause pinhole leaks. If you are hearing an unusual sound behind your wall or you notice that your floors or walls are wet, it’s obvious that you have a leak. The first step in dealing with this problem is turning off the water in your home. Next, give us a call to schedule service.

We can fix a full range of problems related to leaks in walls, including:

  • Leak in wall
  • Water coming from wall
  • Water noise in wall
  • Leaking wall
  • Water coming up from floor
  • Water in wall
  • Leak on pipe in wall

If you have a leak behind your wall and you need help from a professional plumber you can trust, call Colepepper Services now for assistance with water leaks in San Diego and the surrounding areas.s You can reach us at 619-838-1322.


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