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Icemaker Repair

Icemaker Repair

We work on all major brands of icemakers including:

Common Problems With Icemakers

  1. Leak near icemaker or refrigerator – This can be caused by a couple of things. Most commonly, a poor quality water supply line to the icemaker was installed. This either caused a small leak or a major burst in the water line. We recommend to install a no burst style of icemaker water supply line to avoid leaks
  2. Condensation – The refrigerator does condensate, yes, however it has mechanisms in place to catch the condensation. If you have a pool of water on near the icemaker or refrigerator, note that that it is likely an issue with the icemaker.
  3. Not producing ice – Again, there could be a number of issues that cause this, but the most common is that there is not a water supply to the icemaker. Sometimes the water source will get clogged with debris or corroded and not allow water in.

It is always good to hire a professional plumber over a handyman for your icemaker repair problems

Replacing The Shutoff Valve To The Refrigerator & Icemaker

We get calls all the time from homeowners all over San Diego who just purchased a new refrigerator. The big box store delivers the refrigerator and when they go to disconnect the water supply line, they realize that often times the valve it is hooked up to is very old. Since they are not plumbers, they do not feel comfortable touching the valve. At this time they usually tell you to call a plumber. This is where we come in. We will come to your house to give you a free estimate and give you several options to replace the shut off valve for the icemaker.

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