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It really depends who you ask. The plumbing industry seems to be split on if you will get your money back on the added cost of installing a tankless water heater. We are of the opinion that based on installation costs in the area (costs are lower because you can install the units outside as to a colder climate place where the units have to have elemental protection) and local utility costs, that you will get your money back in about 7-10 years. Are they worth it? Do you want endless hot water? Do you want a water heater that will last twice as long as a traditional ‘tank style’ water heater? If so…then tankless is the way to go!

We recommend getting either a whole house water filtration system that flushes itself automatically. If you are on a budget you may consider a reverse osmosis system (RO system) for your kitchen faucet. The unit comes in a 2 or 3 stage filter system. The 3 stage goes through 1 extra cleaning cycle compared to the 2 stage system. There is a storage tank, typically 5 gallons that will take up a lot of cabinet space under the kitchen sink. The water from RO systems tastes fabulous. Filters last typically 1 year. We install water filtration systems all over San Diego, including Water Filtration Carlsbad, Water Filtration Escondido and Water Filtration El Cajon

If you have a screw driver and a set of hands, you can do this yourself. Where the toilet seat connects to the bowl, you should see two white square looking tabs. On most toilet seats these just flip open via a quick connect. You can use a flat head screw driver to pry it open. Once these are open put the screw driver in the bolts, and underneath the toilet, where the bolts pass through, hold the nut with one hand and tighten the screw with the other hand. Make sure the toilet seat is aligned with the bowl. Repeat on the other side. Close the flaps and your in business! Can’t figure it out? Call us! We fix toilet seats in Carmel Valley, Vista, Carlsbad and all surrounding areas.

It will temporarily work. Drano has an acid in it that will eat through your drain pipes. So unless you want holes in your pipes, We don’t recommend using Drano, Liquid Plumber or any other liquid clog remover. Ask our plumbers about Bioclean. It is a organic powder that has enzymes in it, that is safe on your pipes and safe for the enviornment (Drano eventually ends up at the sewer treatment plant). Bioclean wont open up a clogged drain, but by pouring it down your drains once a month it prevents clogs from happening

First determine the color you want. Chrome is the most common color. Second you need to determine if you have a single handle, 2 handle or 3 handle valve. Single handle is the most common. Older homes tend to have 2 and 3 handle valves. We recommend staying with Grohe or Kohler. If you are picking out a single handle valve one thing to consider is buying a valve that is ‘pressure balancing’. A pressure balancing valve allows the temperature and the pressure not to fluctuate while you are taking a shower if somebody flushes a toilet or is using a faucet elsewhere in the home. This is typically not available on 2 and 3 handle valves. Installing new shower valves involves soldering at temperatures up to 1,200 degrees. Unless you have experience with soldering in walls next to wood that is flammable, give us a call. We usually do not have to take out tile to install the new shower valve.

First determine the color you want. White is the most common color. Second you need to determine the rough in size. To do this measure the distance from the wall to the center of the toilet, or where the bolts are bolting down the toilet on the floor. The 3 sizes are: 10” rough, 12” rough and 14” rough, with 12” rough being the most common. Second determine if you want the bowl to be round or elongated. Round bowls are smaller and work better in smaller bathrooms, where elongated bowls are bigger and offer more area to do your business. Third determine if you want the bowl standard height or ‘Comfort Height’. Comfort height is approximately 2” taller than standard height toilets, so it is easier to sit on. Seniors prefer these types of toilets as it is easier on their knees. We install lots of these toilets in the retirement communities of Rancho Bernardo, Poway and Lakeside. Fourth many toilets do not come with a seat. Don’t forget to order one. We like the ‘soft close’ seats. These seats don’t slam, they softly close themselves. Toilet replacements can be quite labor intensive and it is very easy to hurt your back. We are here with the right tools to help you out. Give us a call anytime!

First you need to determine which brand you want. We like Grohe or Kohler. Second determine how many holes you have on your sink. Typically you will have 3 or 4 holes. This is important because some faucets are only designed for 1 or 2 hole applications, however most come with a baseplate that can cover up any extra holes. Next decide if you want a pull out spray, side spray, or no spray at all. We recommend staying with big brand names because of the ease of getting parts shall they fail in the future. Many times homeowners buy faucets from Europe, and when they need to be repaired years later, we find out the faucet parts have been discontinued, and we have to put in a whole new faucet.

We dont encourage the use of plungers because they can blow out the wax seal at the base of the toilet. Our plumbers use toilet augers. They can be a bit tricky to use, and if you do not have experience with them, they can scratch your toilet. If you want to give it a shot yourself, head on down to the local big box, they have dozens waiting for you

If the toilet has only been leaking for a few days or weeks, typically your sub flooring will dry out on its own. However if the toilet has been leaking for several months or years, there is a good chance your sub flooring will need to be repaired or replaced. We see this a lot in older homes, La Mesa, El Cajon and Santee seem to have a lot of these problems. When we come out to fix the toilet, we will do a thorough diagnosis of your sub floor

This is caused by a failure of the shower valve. The head itself is not the problem. The valve itself will need to be repaired or replaced. High water pressure can also be a factor in dripping shower heads. This is more common in the hilly areas of the county, especially for homes at the bottom of hills, in neighborhoods like: La Jolla, Rancho Penasquitos and Scripps Ranch. Most homeowners do not feel comfortable trying to fix the shower valve themselves.

No hot water is a common problems on aging water heaters in the San Diego area. It is usually caused by a bad thermocouple, which we recommend you call us to fix. But in the mean time, to get hot water again, you need to re-light the pilot light. There are instructions on the water heater how to do this, but it generally involves the following: 1. Turn the black knob on top of the silver box (gas control valve near the bottom of the water heater) to pilot. Press the button down with your thumb. If there is a igniter button on the gas control valve (typically seen on water heaters newer than 2003) press this button every 5 seconds for 30 seconds, while holding down on the black button on top of the gas control valve. After 30 seconds, release your thumb and turn the black knob to the ‘On’ position. If there is no ‘igniter button’ you have an older style water heater. Hold down the black button, and with a lighted match, put the match into the combustion chamber (the open area at the bottom of the water heater, where there is a round burner). Hold the match with a pair of needle nose pliers, near where the 3 tubes meet at the round disc. The pilot gas should ignite a small flame. Continue holding down the black knob for 30 seconds, and then turn to ‘On’…….Still dont have hot water. Give us a call. We will be out in a jiffy!

If you let the residue build up over time, it will be almost impossible to remove all of it. However our favorite product for cleaning this is CLR, which you can buy at most home and garden retailers. It usually helps to let the CLR sit for 15 minutes, scrub off the first layer with a brillo pad, or some elbow grease and a paper towel. Spray it again, let sit for 15 minutes. This usually gets most the residue off.

More often than not, your high water bill is due to a ‘slab leak’. Most water pipes in the San Diego region, were piped in under the ‘slab’ or concrete foundation of the house. The hot water line is usually the first one to leak. Often times your floor will feel warm. Some districts in the area seem to have more slab leaks than others such as: Poway slab leaks, Escondido slab leaks, and El Cajon slab leaks. Don’t worry you may not have to jackhammer up your kitchen to fix this. Give us a call and we will give you several options on how to remedy the situation

This is the sound of sediment built up in your water heaters over the years. When the water heats up, it also heats up the sediment to where it will pop and crackle. This is a sign that your water heater is old, and is getting ready to leak soon. Sometimes you can flush the sediment out and it will temporarily relieve the problem. This is rare though. With bad water quality throughout the San Diego area, it is imperative to flush your water heater every year to make it last as long as you can.

We agree. San Diego is known to have some of the worst water in the country. Water softeners will soften your water, and thus remove the white film, BUT they will damage your water heater. We recommend a Flotech device and Whole house water filter with flush. To learn more information, give us a call to schedule a consultation with one of our San Diego plumbers.

Not necessarily. There is a red reset button on the very bottom of the disposal, try pushing that in first. Still not working? You may see a 2 sided silver allen wrench somewhere on the bottom of your kitchen cabinet. You can insert this in the bottom center of the garbage disposal and try moving around back and forth, to free up the motor. If it still does not work after this, then yes it may be time for a new garbage disposal.

Plumbers call this the ghost flush, because the toilet will flush itself. Many homeowners in San Diego, Oceanside, San Marcos and Vista have had success on fixing this themselves. 90% of the time it is a bad flapper. Turn off the water supply near the bottom left hand side of the toilet (turn clockwise approximately 2 turns) remove the flapper (it is the round rubber looking thing connected to the chain) take it in to Home Depot and try to get as close of a match to size and shape as possible. Go home and re-connect the flapper, without giving too much slack in the chain, just a little slack should do. Turn the water supply back on and you are in business! If you can’t get it we are here 24/7 to assist.

Since gas is more dangerous than water, we recommend that you immediately open all the windows in your house, evacuate and call your local gas company from a safe distance

Most homes have a main water shut off valve near the front of the house, either in the garage or outside in the front yard. This includes plumbing for main shut off valves in: Carlsbad, Escondido, San Diego, Chula Vista, El Cajon etc. The valve will either be a ‘lever handle’ or a round handle. If it is a ‘lever handle, turn it 1/4 turn to shut it off. If it is a round handle, it may be a little tight to turn. If so put on a oven mitt, to get extra grip and turn the round handle clockwise until shut off. It is usually about 2 to 3 full turns. This should shut off the water to the entire house

Full payment is due after the job is completed. We take: All major credit cards, cash and check

We give 5% discounts for seniors and military veterans. There are no exclusions or restrictions to any city

Our oath to you is not to lie, cheat or steal. We are always running specials in our ‘Coupons’ section. Make sure to ask about our ‘Maintenance plan’ which can save you 15% off your bill.

We strive to make our pricing competitive in all ways. We also give you several options that most companies don’t do. You can pick if you want a budget friendly quick fix, or an all inclusive detailed replacement

Our call takers are not trained plumbers, so they will not be able to give a price over the phone. It would be a shame for them to give a ‘ballpark’ figure, and then the plumber comes out to your house and quotes you twice as high, because extra work needs to be done. We charge a diagnostic fee to come out, asses the job and give a quote. In most cases we will waive the diagnostic fee if the work is done

It is flat rate pricing. A homeowner will pay the same price for a leaking pipe in Escondido, as the homeowner with a leaking pipe in El Cajon. The price remains the same if the job takes 1 hour or 1 day. There are no extra taxes or fees. The price you see is the price you pay

Yes, unfortunately the prisons teach plumbing. Once the inmates are released they eventually get into the plumbing service trade. You need a technician that is drug tested, background checked, IQ tested and somebody that you can feel safe with in your home with your children. We wear ID badges and call when we are on our way, so there are no suprises

If one of our thousands of parts that are stocked on our trucks, are not able to fix your plumbing problem, then that is no problem at all. There are supply houses all over the San Diego area that we can quickly run to, to get the correct parts

Absolutely! If you do not remember his name, that is ok. We keep detailed records, so we know who was at your house. Just make sure when you schedule service to request the same technician as last time

Yes. That is part of our excellent service. We do not like it when people are late for us. So we make every effort to be on time for you. If we are late, we think you should get something back for us dropping the ball. Sometimes we have a plumber in Chula Vista when your house is in Oceanside, and we may not always have a plumber in Oceanside available. Even if we have to send the technician up there in rush hour traffic, and if we are late, we will still honor the 5% discount

We use written contracts, stating the warranties, and what they do and don’t cover. Most of our warranties are all inclusive. For example, if you have a pipe leaking in your Escondido home, we write down our diagnosis of the problem, what we did to fix it, and long the warranty is for. That way your plumbing work is in writing not a ‘verbal warranty’ that some companies give

We call these ‘Happy Calls’. We call after just to make sure you are satisfied and there are no issues. Sometimes if there is an issue, it can be a little confrontational to bring it up with the plumber, so feel free to let the office know if there were any issues.

We can usually get out within a few hours. In the meantime, we can always give you instructions over the phone on how to shut off the gas and water

There are a lot of San Diego Plumbers, Chula Vista Plumbers, even Mira Mesa Plumbers who have asked us this question. Part of our excellent service includes our appearance. We feel that coming to your home in a t-shirt that is untucked, just looks tacky.

We charge diagnostic fees in every town we go to, not just Carlsbad. It is a nominal fee to pay for gas to come your home and to accurately spend enough time to diagnose the problem. In most cases, we will refund the diagnostic fee to you, if the work is completed

Currently we do not offer drain cleaning. We expect to very soon though!

We fix plumbing throughout San Diego County. Including Escondido plumbing, El Cajon Plumbing and Carlsbad plumbing. See our ‘Service Areas’ to see a complete list.

It means that we were shoe covers and put down drop cloths in the areas that we work in. Once the job is done, we sweep or wipe down the area we were working in, and leave it in better condition than when we found it. For example, if you live in Escondido and need a plumber to fix your toilet, we will wipe up the entire area around the toilet, including the walls with cleaner.

Our experience over lifetime dealing with different companies, has led us to believe that anything less than excellent service, is a waste of money and time.

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